Financial Services

Life Assurance

We can provide specialist, independent advice on aspects of personal protection, including Life Assurance, Mortgage Protection, Critical Illness and Income Protection.

Personal protection is an important consideration, as no matter how well you plan for your financial future, none of us knows what’s around the corner. We can provide specialist, independent advice on any aspect of personal protection and arrange appropriate insurance against death, critical and long term illness, ensuring that, should the worst happen, financial implications won’t add to the burden.

We can arrange Life Assurance, which in the event of your death, provides your dependents with a lump sum or regular income to help meet any tax liability, loan payments, childcare or mortgage payments. Various levels of cover are available, depending on your needs, including term assurance, whole of life cover, family income benefit and mortgage protection.

Critical Illness provides a lump sum in the event that you suffer a critical illness such as heart attack, cancer or stroke, and is designed to protect you against financial difficulties, helping you meet regular payments such as a mortgage, if you cannot work or have insufficient capital.

In the event that you cannot work due to illness or disability, Income Protection provides cover to help you meet regular commitments such as your mortgage payments. These policies generally start to pay out after a deferred period and will pay a regular income until they mature or you return to work.

Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be happy to provide independent, unbiased advice on any aspect of personal protection.